Walnuts health benefits and nutrition


Walnuts are considered to be one of the healthiest types of food available to man. It contains several nutrients that make it an ideal snack for people who want to live a healthier life.
More and more researchers are convinced that walnuts when consumed in whole form could provide a number of benefits to the human body including the skin.

Walnuts Benefits

High Presence of Vitamin E

Eating walnuts will introduce the presence of Vitamin E in the body. The benefits of Vitamin E will include solving heart problems; it reduces the chances of a heart attack and blocking of arteries.

Proper amount of vitamin E in the body could also help people fight the possibility of getting diabetes.It also helps prevent cancer especially oral cancer in smokers including colorectal cancer and the chances of polyps from growing in the intestines.

Others also make use of Vitamin E to cure diseases of the brain and the nervous system like Parkinson’s disease as well as restless leg syndrome and epilepsy.

The form of vitamin E present in walnuts is in high concentration, the vitamin E in walnuts are not just in the form of alpha-tocopherol but are also in a high level form of gamma tocopherol making it even more effective in fighting disease.

Rich in Antioxidants

Walnuts are good to consume, they provide much needed antioxidants inside the body. It can improve the levels of melatonin a substance that helps the body by becoming free radical eradicator.

It helps the body combat inflammation inside the body and helps the proper functioning of the thymus gland, an essential part in making sure that the immune system will work out well.

Melatonin that is often produced with the help of eating walnuts or having a diet rich in walnuts can help the brain decrease aging. It can help rejuvenate the brain.

Helps People Lose Weight

Contrary to some beliefs that walnuts make you fat, it actually helps a person feel full longer. A person who feels full for a longer period of time will have lesser chances of overeating.

An ounce of walnut contains 4g of protein, 2.5g of omega 3 fatty acids and 2g of fibre which helps the body feel satiety. Walnuts could be eaten to take the place of junk foods and other sugary snacks that could cause obesity if eaten in excess.

Eating walnuts can help make a person likely to maintain their weight management plan. Instead of eating foods that are not likely to help the body, they can choose to eat walnuts instead.

Boost Sperm Quality

Adding walnuts to daily diet could also help boost sperm quality in men. By eating 2.5 ounces of walnuts each day, the semen quality could improve according to the study that was released by UCLA researches.

The sperm could become vital, motile and could morph into better sperm quality especially in men aged 21 to 35.

Walnuts could be taken as a direct snack or could be added in pastries and other dishes. It could provide a number of benefits especially for people who are not prone to eating healthy dishes.


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