Shiitake mushrooms benefits


There are numerous species of mushrooms in the world, some edible and some poisonous. Edible mushrooms are known for their delicious taste and apart from that, they are so nutritious. Shiitake mushrooms are a great example of edible mushrooms. They are also known for their medicinal value. Shiitake mushrooms are native to East Asia and are mostly planted in forests.

Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms

Rich in Proteins and Dietary Fiber

Shiitake mushrooms are best known for their great aroma and delicious taste when cooked. the good news is that you can enjoy this meal without the worry of high cholesterol levels, too much fat or gluten intolerance. They may be cooked fresh or dried and it has been proven that they do contain the same nutritional value.

These mushrooms can be taken whole after being cooked or its extracts can be turned into supplement capsules and sold in health food stores like what happens in Japan. This second most commonly cultivated edible mushroom in the whole world is rich in proteins and dietary fiber.

Rich in Essential Minerals

Shiitake mushrooms are packed with essential minerals like Selenium, Ergothioneine, Copper, and Potassium among others. They are also rich in Iron, Vitamin A, B (niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin).

Niacin helps promote healthy skin cells as well as ensures that the digestive and the nervous systems are in good order hence a healthy body for you.

Pantothenic acid helps in the production of hormones and also helps a great deal in boosting the working of your nervous system while

Riboflavin helps to maintain healthy red blood cells hence preventing thrombosis and arteriosclerosis among other diseases. Its mineral contents are also very useful for a healthy body.

Selenium is an antioxidant that prevents the body cells from being damaged hence prevents diseases of aging and also cancers due to cell destruction.

Eritadine helps reduce cholesterol levels while Lentinan boosts the immune system’s ability to fight pathogens and infections and also reduce or slow down the growth of cancerous cells by activating certain cells and proteins that combat these cancerous tumors.

They also contain a protein antioxidant, L-ergothioneine and eritadenine which lowers cholesterol level by blocking its absorption into the bloodstream. Researchers are in the process of finding out how these properties can be optimized to help increase the lifespan of cancer and AIDS patients by boosting their immune system.

Promotes Radiant Skin

Oil extracted from shiitake mushrooms can be used in skin creams to help improve skin appearance. It contains kojic acid, known for its natural skin lightening properties. This will be helpful in preventing health complications as a result of using dangerous cosmetics.

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