Maca powder benefits and power nutritional value


Why you probably haven’t heard of Maca?

Well, Maca is primarily grown in Peru, Bolivia, and other nearby South American countries and that has been used over centuries as a medicinal herb and food supplement. It is also called peruvian Ginseng.

Hence the worlds of Europe, North America, and other corners of the world have been slow to recognize the numerous benefits of Maca. So much so that it was only in 1997 that American doctors first started to seriously discuss the medicinal properties of Maca and began intensive medical research on the superfood.

Fortunately, the word is now spreading slowly but surely and you can bet in ten years time it will be as common as sugar and salt -but WAY better for you – It contains a great number of beneficial substances for human health, such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids or proteins. Its composition makes it a powerful ingredient to help you keep mental balance, improve your sexual life or give you a plus of energy, among other things.

There are different kinds of maca, but although some types can be more convenient than others for specific uses, they are all very positive for our health and well-being.

So, your health’s a concern for you and you can’t seem to find enough evidence supporting the idea that your diet is giving you the results that you require to maintain or improve your health? All those multi-nutritional foods; from those green leafy vegetables to the many citrus fruits, and not to mention those supplements that you’ve been taking for quite a while, the same old; not working then? Seems now would be a perfect time to try something new, something that gives that much-needed boost to your body and health that it has been striving for!

Tried Maca yet? Probably not! And that’s why we’re going to talk about why you should.

Maca Benefits

This nutritional super-food has many medicinal properties when served as a supplement, juice, etc.
Maca can be helpful if you’re having problems lowering your high blood pressure. It can also aid in managing some low blood pressure issues. Basically, try Maca to improve general blood pressure issues. It might help you in either case. Maca is also known to act as an aphrodisiac, boosting your relative sex performances. It’s believed by some to increase the libido in both men and women. Furthermore, there’s a school of thought that thinks it also helps with sterility, hence curing erratic sexual dysfunctions and other sexual disorders balancing hormonal activity. Consequently, because of hormonal balancing characteristics, it can also be used in treating anemia and depression.

Maca also improves your adrenal restoration. As a result, it’s popular amongst aging baby boomers interested in staving off memory loss. Many people hope that Maca can make you feel years younger and boost memory powers as well! Maca significantly enhances energy and stamina too. Many South American sportsmen ingest Maca to boost athletic performance. With a myriad of positive attributes, Maca has even been dubbed the natural Viagra. There appear to not be any known harmful effects while the multitude of benefits seems to be never-ending. Maca may even have the ability to improve menopause problems.

All in all Maca balances many bodily systems, improves our overall immunity and vitalizes our bodies and minds.

A Good Aphrodisiac

This is one of the most popular benefits of this miraculous root. It works as a powerful aphrodisiac increasing the libido due to a specific chemical it contains. You can use a bit of powdered root in your food to try out its sensual effects.
Besides working as an aphrodisiac, it also helps to keep a good and healthy sexual life by reducing sexual dysfunction. Moreover, it has been widely studied that it helps increase and improve fertility in women, as well as in men.

A Natural Mood Stabilizer

One the beneficial properties of maca is that it stimulates the hypothalamus and the main glands which are responsible to regulate the rest of the glands in our body. Therefore, it helps to create a balance in the adrenal and stabilizes hormones by reducing hormone related problems like the (pre-menstrual syndrome) PMS in women.

Including maca in some of your meals will relieve stress, bringing harmony to your body and therefore improving your mental health.

Gives You an Extra Dose of Energy

Eating maca increases your body’s stamina levels. It is used during the ancient Inca’s civilization as a remedy to fatigue. It contains no caffeine but produces a similar effect, giving your body an extra shot of energy, making you feel less tired and more ready to face your daily routine.

Due to the energy it provides, a lot of sports people use it to give a better performance in their trainings and workouts. For this purpose there are several specially produced products that contain maca which you can find in fitness nutrition stores.
It is easy to believe that maca is a very beneficial food for our health, taking into account that it contains more than 6 kinds of vitamins, about 20 amino acids, fatty acids and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Aside from these specific benefits, it is also a very good ally for our immune system, good for our brain function, providing mental clarity and improving memory or an extra support to help lose weight.

Maca can be taken in capsules or in powder, you can add it to your own food plan or buy a food product that already contains it as an ingredient like some maca beverages or infusions.

Nutrient Contents

This radish like super-food’s potency is something everyone should check out. High in nutritious contents, its composition constitutes 60% carbohydrates, 10% protein, 9% fiber and the rest includes phytonutrients, vital vitamins, important fatty acids and much needed trace minerals -iodine, copper, manganese, silenium, silica, zinc, bismuth as well as B vitamins to name a few-.

Additionally there are numerous minerals that can be found in the soil where Maca grows. This greatly enhances nutrient content and contributes to high amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron and more calcium than even in milk (yes, you read that correctly – even more calcium than milk!).

A Brief History of Maca

Maca -Lepidium Meyenii- is an herbaceous perennial plant (although some call it an annual plant) that is found mainly in the high Andes Mountain Range in altitudes from 11,000 feet to 14,000 feet. This area constitutes major parts of Peru and Bolivia. It can also be found in some part of other nearby South American countries.

This potato colored plant looks like a large radish. It’s very rare in the sense that unlike other plants, Maca can withstand extreme temperatures (both high and low) at very high altitudes. This “Peruvian Ginseng”, as it is often called, is well documented in our ancient history as well. The Incas, which were a successful ancient Peruvian civilization, were known to eat a lot of Maca just before going into battle so they could draw on the much needed strength their bodies required to emerge victorious in the many fights they engaged in. This practice dates back to at least five thousand years. Maca certainly has a rich history.

Common forms of Maca

Maca Extract is one form of Macca. Drying roots under the sun’s heat is the first step before eventually grinding these dried roots under low temperatures. But with all the drying and grinding, it probably won’t surprise most readers to learn about the fact that some of the natural enrichments of this super-food are lost. But raw foodist readers need not worry! In the case of Maca Extract, almost all of the enzymes and nourishments are retained. To prevent losing any of the nutrition contents possessed by this Peruvian herb, the drying and grinding process of Maca’s most powerful form is upgraded by mixing up the juices of its newly harvested roots, and then drying in a propriety process that the natural enrichments and nutrients remain and the final powder contains the best particles.

Maca has a very strong flavor. It can be incorporated into beverages and can be a nutritious breakfast drink!

In its native land, Maca is often baked, dried or even cooked. So if you happen to ever visit Peru or other South American countries nearby, don’t be surprised to see Maca in the form of cookies, hot porridge, and best of all – even in the form of delicious mouth-watering tarts.

Powder form isn’t how Maca is normally consumed in its native South America. However, in North American and Europe most Maca is consumed in its powder form as a supplement drinks like smoothies and juices. Having said that, many Europeans and North Americans are increasingly incorporating Maca into their everyday salads and other foods to provide a nutritious boost through this herbaceous plant. Chocolate shakes with Maca are a very tasty way to put a nutritious boost into a popular dessert.


Maca is an extremely nutritious food that should be widely consumed by the masses. It could be your key to a happier, healthier, and more productive and fulfilling life. This “Peruvian Ginseng” is making its way across the world and there’s no reason why you should be left on the sidelines.

So you’re a raw Foodist and want to try something that gives your body the impetus it requires to a stronger healthier life? Try MACA – you won’t regret it.


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