Hemp Seeds health benefits and nutrition


Hemp seeds are small and round with a nutty and pleasant flavor. Actually, they are fruits but most people consider them seeds. These seeds have a soft texture, not a crunchy one. For many centuries, hemp seeds have been consumed a source of food and have helped mitigate the effects of famine.

Unfortunately, many people tend to consider hemp seeds with a certain bias because they are associated with marijuana. What you do not know is that the seeds are healthy and contain many benefits.

Hemp Seeds Benefits

Good Source of Protein and Fiber

Did you know that hemp seeds have the full range of amino acids?

The seeds are considered one of the few super foods that exist. They also have plenty of fiber. The high protein content in hemp is what makes it such a good source of protein for the human body, and is especially beneficial if you are a vegan. You can therefore meet your body’s protein requirements by taking the seeds, without even having to worry about bloating.

Because of the high protein and fiber content within hemp seeds, taking them enhances a feeling of fullness in your body. This is because they take longer to be digested which keeps your sugar levels in the body steady and your energy levels continuously high.

The protein in the hemp seeds is also great for maintenance of body cells, tissues and organs, enhancement of muscle functions and mental functioning.

Good Source of 6 Fatty Acids 

and Omega 3

Did you know that hemp seeds have the perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids?

These fatty acids are essential to a healthy body. It enhances metabolic rate and helps you burn fat, which aids in weight loss. They also improve your skin by reducing skin problems. Fatty acids in hemp seeds also reduce the likelihood of getting degenerative disease including Alzheimer’s and clot related health conditions like stroke.

Other hemp seed benefits that stem from its rich abundance of fatty acids include improvement of the condition of your hair and nails, reduction of inflammation of any kind, improvement of good cholesterol and lowering of the bad cholesterol, maintenance of brain functioning and enhancement of bone health.

Rich in Minerals

If you want to find a large reserve of minerals, look no further than hemp seeds. These seeds contain zinc, phosphorous, iron, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, vitamins A, E and C. Because the seeds contain all these minerals, they help fight disease and enhance overall body health. They help combat cancer, Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis. They also improve bone health.

Because of their nutritional value, you can eat hemp seeds on a regular basis and see a great improvement in your overall health. This super food can be ground and used for cooking, blended in smoothies, and even fried and eaten plain.

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