Blueberries nutrition and health benefits


No other fruit has as many health-promoting properties as cranberries or blueberries, also known as “the super fruit”.
If you still do not know its medicinal benefits, here are some, so you can include this mini fruit in your diet, which you can enjoy as best you like.

Blueberries benefits

Blueberries have many health benefits because of the vitamins, chemicals, and antioxidants that they contain. Blueberries contain, among others, vitamin C which helps the immune system, Vitamin B6 which promotes energy, and Vitamin K which helps bone health. Blueberries are also a good source of fiber. Native Americans used blueberries to help cure respiratory diseases.

Increase Brain Power

Eating blueberries can help enhance memory and decline the hazard for dementia and Alzheimer’s malady.

A study completed at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center had a group of individuals drink a glass of blueberry juice every day for 12 weeks. This may seem a long time to wait, but participants did notice increased brain function, memory ability, and an increased capacity for learning.

Consumption of blueberries can help lower symptoms of depression. In fact, in some individuals, eating blueberries can eliminate the need for medication in more mild cases. Blueberries also prevent against nerve degeneration due to their antioxidant properties. They also help heal and regenerate damaged brain cells. A diet rich with blueberries has also been shown to prevent vision loss and age related trouble such as cataracts.

Help Lose Weight

A big topic on everyone’s brain is the subject of diet and weight loss. Well, eating blueberries can help with that. Studies have also shown that drinking blueberry juice mixed with water helped people feel more full and less likely to snack between meals. They also help reduce abdominal fat.

The high fiber content in this fruit supplies many benefits. It helps with regularity, prevents constipation, and improves digestion. The fiber and anti-inflammatory properties also help fight heart disease.

Helps Combat Cancer

The berries are also very high in antioxidants. Increasing consumption of blueberries can prevent and even cure cancer. They are especially potent against colon and ovarian cancer. The berries induce programmed cell death which helps kill off the cancer cells. This killing of cells has been seen in studies involving pancreatic cancer. Eating blueberries can also help balance triglyceride amounts, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent against diabetes by leveling blood sugar.

There are many other benefits to eating blueberries such as urinary tract health, preventing colds and viruses, and neutralizing free radicals. However, one must consistently add the fruit to their diet for the benefits to fully take effect. A handful here and there will not give you long term benefits or many of the things listed above. Try adding them to cereal, making smoothies, or grabbing a bag for a midday snack.

When purchasing, make sure that the berries move freely in the container and are not dull in color. Also make sure there is little or no moisture as this can increase decay. If purchasing frozen, make sure that the berries once again move freely and are not clumped together, which may indicate freezer burn and will detract from the taste. Also consider going berry picking as a family activity. Eating blueberries will help you to live a long and healthy life.

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