Barley health benefits and nutrition


Barley is a great cereal grain that is rich in bran and fiber. It is low in calories and heavily packed with vitamins and nutrients that are of great importance to us, but very few people know of its numerous health and beauty benefits to our bodies.

Barley Benefits

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Barley is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble fibers bind with fatty acids in the body lowering cholesterol levels also known as bad cholesterol while the insoluble fiber are known to produce propionic acid that helps ensure blood cholesterol levels are down.

Cholesterol is stored in the interior walls of blood vessels thus restricting the flow of blood, this causes the heart to overwork while pumping blood and also increases the blood pressure in the blood veins and arteries.

Lower levels of cholesterol translate to reduced chances of heart diseases and lower blood pressure. Barley is highly recommended to people who suffer with high blood pressure because the fiber in barley not only helps reduce blood pressure but also reduces the chances of heart diseases such as heart attacks.

Helps in Appetite Control

Barley is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers. Now the insoluble fiber does not help regulate cholesterol levels like the soluble fiber does but it does help in appetite and diet control.

Insoluble fiber in barley is not digested; instead it absorbs water making you feel fuller for a longer period of time. This prevents over-eating as the stomach tends to become full faster.

This fiber also helps in dieting as you remain full for a longer period of time. Its water absorption properties also prevent constipation making your intestines healthier. If you wish to control your weight, barley should be your first choice food as it will help you in dieting and it will also prevent you from over-eating thus changing your bad eating habits.

Controls Diabetes

Barley contains beta-glucan fiber which slows down the body’s absorption rate of carbohydrates thus reducing the overall glucose and insulin levels which is its first measure in diabetes control. As we have seen, barley helps control cholesterol levels in the body and also controls body weight.

Cholesterol and weight are the major causes of diabetes and the best way to fight and prevent diabetes is to control both of them. Barley in your daily meals offers a safe means of controlling, fighting and preventing any form of diabetes.

There are numerous advantages of grain to the human body both in wellbeing and excellence. It is even viewed as superior to all other entire grain sustenances and that is the reason it ought to be considered as a superfoods.

Barley in your daily diet is the first step to a health life as it can help prevent major health issues or it can improve your health. This grain is highly recommended by health practitioners and it should be a first choice food in your daily diet.

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