Almonds, the fantastic superfood of the almond tree


With the type of food we consume today, it’s no wonder that most people are dying young due to lifestyle diseases that are totally avoidable. Processed and ready to eat food coupled with lack of exercise and busy schedules form the perfect mix for diseases that render our lives miserable.

All is not lost, however, as people only need to turn to age old organic foods like almonds. This nut has been around since the time of writing the Bible and it’s most abundant and fresh in midsummer.

Almond Benefits

Lowers LDL Cholesterol and Promotes a Healthy Heart

Almonds contain high levels of monounsaturated fats similar to those found in olive oil. These fats aid in the reduction of the risk of getting heart diseases. This risk reduction is also improved by the vitamin E present in almonds that works as an antioxidant. The risk reduced when the nuts were used in place of carbohydrates and it further reduced when the fats in the nuts was used as a substitute for those present in dairy and meat products.

Studies have shown that consumption of almonds lowers LDL cholesterol greatly. For more lowering of this bad cholesterol, almonds can be taken with other fruits and foods which individually lower LDL. The high levels of magnesium in the nut is useful as it makes veins and arteries relax thus allowing easier blood flow reducing heart attack risk.

Almonds are rich in potassium which promotes healthy nervous transmissions and aids smooth contraction of muscles. This electrolyte maintains normal blood pressure and promotes the well being of the heart.

Helps to Lose Weight

Studies show that people who eat almonds in plenty and use its fat to cook lose weight quickly compared to those who take a little of it and use other fats. This is because its fats are monounsaturated and are essential for the body. These fats also provide the same number of calories and protein as carbohydrates therefore one remains healthy.

Almonds also boost one’s appetite for healthy foods meaning one can maintain their weight loss easily. The manganese, riboflavin and copper present in the nut enable higher energy production which is necessary when it comes to working out.

Protects against diabetes

Almonds reduce blood sugar increments which are common especially after meals. This is done by preventing increase in free radicals that have bad cholesterol in the blood. Its antioxidants also clean out free radicals that occur in smaller quantities further protecting the body from toxins.

The nuts reduce glycemic index (GI) and this keeps diabetes away as increment in GI is the root cause of diabetes.

Almonds can be consumed in different ways which include in their natural form and fortunately they are very tasty. One can also spread almond butter on celery, bread and anything else. Roast almonds and use them as part of your salad or as pasta toppings. They can also be added in cereals for breakfast. That said, almonds are clearly the whole package as they are tasty, healthy and available all year round.

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